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We are team of talented software engineers, that enjoy working with the latest technologies

About Us

We are a small company from Arad, Romania. In a world where everything is rushed to market and the focus on quality is lower and lower, we like to focus on:

  • Quality
  • Improvements
  • Stability

Why choose us?

Aside from being really good at what we do, we also understand

  • Quality and Performance

    Two words that define us and our work ethic. We always keep in touch with the new technologies, apply improvements to our code, processes, workflow so that we can deliver the best products.

  • We make sure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to specs. It is important for us and our clients to understand each other's needs and constraints in order to deliver what is expected.

  • Besides delivering the final product, we won't leave you stranded, we offer assistance and maintainance for the products we deliver so that the client won't have to worry about nothing.


Our Skills

Technologies we worked with throughout the years and we excel at:

Java15+ years of experience
Linux15+ years of experience
Golang10+ years of experience
Docker, K8s, Terraform8+ years of experience
AWS, Azure8+ years of experience
Angular framework , UI8+ years of experience
.Net, .Net Core8+ years of experience
PostgreSQL, MySQL, TSQL12+ years of experience

Our Clients

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Throughout our years of work, we focused and excelled at the following.

Web Development

We worked with a variety of technologies here, we learned to deliver fast web applications with Angular and .Net Core or Java.

Code Consulting

We often consult with our clients on their existing code base and advise them best suited to their needs and cost limitations.

Performance Insights

We always focus to deliver performance in our products. Also we make performance improvements on other projects on request.

Hardware Supply & Installations

We offer complete and ingenious solutions for in-house server configuration and setup, based on the client needs.

Call To Action

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Contact us if you need help with one of your projects or any of the services we provide. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Arad, Str. Miron Costin 8-10


+4 0743 071 344

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